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Metadata can be added in two ways:

  1. Automatically sync your Silverstack DB to our online DB, or
  2. export and manually upload ALE files ("Avid Log Exchange" file format).

Camera metadata


Before you've uploaded metadata, o/DAILIES uses the date extracted from the file name to sort clips.

Most camera metadata is synced. If you miss something. Please let us know!

User edited data

Here's what has an effect from Silverstack to o/DAILIES so far:


We accept ALE files from many sources like AVID or DaVinci Resolve. We try our best to read the different, not standardised column headers. To make sure we get all your metadata right, please send us a sample ALE file to


When metadata does not show up, most commonly the uploaded clip names do not match the "Tape" column in the ALE.

Export ALE from DaVinci

Please make sure to set reel names to the source clip filename in your project settings: DaVinci ALE 1

Then you can export your ALE from the timeline on the media page: DaVinci ALE 2

Export ALE from Silverstack

While you most definitely might prefer to sync metadata using Silverstack Link, you can also export an ALE from Silverstack using the following settings: DaVinci ALE 2

Night shoots

If you are shooting at night and want to have all the clips sorted under the last shooting date you have to change the date in the ALE. Here is how you would do that in Silverstack:

Silverstack ALE shooting day change