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Silverstack Link

Our free suite joins the power of Pomfort Silverstack to o/DAILIES.

Our apps can display all your jobs from Silverstack, as well as close the circle for shooting day reports.

Silverstack Jobs Silverstack Reports

The o/DAILIES uploader syncs your most recent Pomfort Silverstack projects to our online database.
This allows you to have a live, online representation of all your clips with metadata, a shooting day report report function as well as a list of your transcoding and offload jobs.

Create and link a local Silverstack project

  1. Get our macOS app
  2. Start Silverstack
  3. Start the app and login
  4. Free o/DAILIES projects will be created for Silverstack projects used in the last 24h
  5. All projects from now on are automatically synced to our database

Enjoy Silverstack progress notification on jobs, shooting day reports and more in our iOS, macOS and Android app.


At the moment, created and bought projects or workflow demos can not be linked to your Silverstack project afterwards. If you created a project first and want to link it with your Silverstack project, please contact us.

Upgrade to full platform

To fully use the platform as a dailies service - to add video files - check out the chapter "Upgrade your project".