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Project management

New Project

To add a project, go to the main menu point Switch Projects or click on the project title. Then click on the big plus button on bottom right. In the dialog, create a demo or purchase a full o/DAILIES subscription.

When using Silverstack Link, new projects are automatically created for you when creating a new project in Silverstack.


At the moment, you cannot add the Silverstack Link later on to a full dailies project. Every linked Silverstack project can be updated to a full dailies solution.


You can invite an indefinite amount of users. Each user can have a different set of permissions.


Icon Name Permission Target user
filter_tilt_shift Uncircled Allow to see also uncircled takes

Default: on. When disabled, all uncircled clips (e.g. false or otherwise inelegant takes) get hidden. Any indication that more takes exist is omitted.

On for crew, off for clients or impatient users
assignment Metadata See clips without mp4's as thumbnails and script supervisor metadata (comments, rating, ..)

Default: off. When disabled, hide comments of script supervisor, star rating and clips without mp4s.

On for DIT, script supervisor, director, ADs
monochrome_photos Advanced video options Allow to set advanced video replay options (log, waveform variants if available)

Default: off. When disabled, hide log and log-waveform from user.

On for DoP, Gaffer, Prod. Design
local_offer Hidden Allow to see clips marked with "hidden" label or tag.

Default: off. Handy for hiding explicit or critical material.

Off for crew if critical material
comment Comments Allows to see and add comments. metadata permission is needed to see the script supervisor comments. On for Director, ADs and script supervisor
assignment_ind Dailies Manager Upload clips, allow to configure and invite users, change project settings, delete project dailies, buy subscriptions

Default: off.

On for DIT or Data wrangler

As a dailies manager you have control over a specific project, its settings, its users and their permissions, and the subscription.

Also, you are entitled to upload, edit and manage clips on the platform.

Upgrade your project

To fully use the platform as a dailies service - to add video files - you'll need to enhance the project with a subscription to our service.
To do this, navigate to Settings -> Subscription -> Status and click the Upgrade button.

Before you buy..

You can test your workflow once per project for 24 hours with full access to all features of the o/DAILIES suite. Simply click the button above and select "workflow demo" as your plan in the shop.