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To upload files and metadata to o/DAILIES, use our macOS app.

On the settings page, please define a watch folder where a directory structure for all your projects is created. The app runs in the background and detects new files in that folder.

Additionally, if you use Pomfort Silverstack in your workflow, the uploader syncs your local projects to our DB.

Directory layout

After the completed setup, a folder structure will be generated for you if you are a Dailies Manager already. For every project you have access to, which has a valid subscription, a folder will be created. If the folder for newly created project is missing, please restart the uploader. The structure may look like this:

├── Project A
│   ├── _done
│   ├── _error
│   ├── _graded
│   ├── _log
│   └── _proxy
└── Project B
    ├── _done
    ├── _error
    ├── _graded
    ├── _log
    └── _proxy


For the uploader to create a folder structure, a project must

Local file handling

Transcode your dailies with the correct file specs directly into your project folder.


All your graded dailies clips belong in the folder _graded.


The uploader picks up the files, uploads them and moves them to the folder _done. You are free to remove them from here, but we recommend keeping them around.


If something was wrong with any file, you'll find it instead moved to the folder _error.


Optionally, you can upload LOG variants of the same clips in a folder named _log. Users with the "Advanced Video options" permission are now able to switch video sources on-the-fly.

ALE files

If you do not work with Silverstack for metadata synchronization, you should upload an ALE file for metadata by placing it in the root project folder. If you need to update metadata, you can just upload a new one.


After the upload, o/DAILIES automatically post-processes your footage for a better user experience.

File specs

Make sure that the files match the following criteria:

Video Codec h264
Audio Codec AAC
Audio Channels 2
Container MP4 with .mp4 ending
Resolution 1280x720 (720p) recommended but not enforced *
Bitrate 2 - 6 Mbit recommended but not enforced *


* To give you full control over the encoding quality of the delivered clips we do not re-encode them. Don't push the bitrate or resolution too high as we do not create smaller versions. Your users with poor internet connections will thank you.

DaVinci Resolve example config

davinci1 davinci2

Silverstack example config


Switching workstations


You can upload files from multiple workstations at once. It is quite common to finish uploading from a personal MacBook at the hotel for example.

Please be aware that Silverstack Link can only be active on one machine at a time. You can move to a new machine by following the steps in the macOS app under Settings -> Metadata -> Source -> Migrate Silverstack.


We are currently exploring ways to distribute proxy files to your editorial team. Please contact us at if you want to participate in the private beta.